Experience IRCTC Railway Lounges in New Delhi

IRCTC Railway lounges at New Delhi Railway Station are present on two platforms (1 & 16), providing passengers with a comfortable and convenient waiting area equipped with various amenities. This guide offers detailed information on both lounges, helping you make the most of your experience, especially if you’re visiting for the first time.

Platform 1 Lounge

  • Managed by: RMD Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: First floor (1st PF from Paharganj & last from Ajmeri Gate side)
  • Known for: Better food spread and overall amenities compared to PF16

Platform 16 Lounge

  • Managed by: IRCTC
  • Location: First PF from Ajmeri Gate side
  • Known for: Accessibility for passengers boarding from PF16, though amenities are not as extensive as PF1

Credit Cards for IRCTC Railway Lounges

Both lounges offer access through eligible credit cards or by paying a fee. Here’s a breakdown of the access methods:

LoungeAccess MethodFee
Platform 1 LoungeEligible Credit Card Swipe₹2 per card swipe
Platform 16 LoungeEligible Credit Card Swipe₹341 for 2 hours
Both LoungesHourly Pay & Use (without card)Available at both

Accepted Credit Cards:

Credit Card IssuerCard Variants Accepted
IDFC First BankSelect, Wealth
ICICI BankCoral, Rubyx, Sapphiro, MMT
AAU Small FinanceAltura, Vetta, Zenith
Diners Club25% discount on access charges
Apply for Credit Cards

For both lounges, you will need a journey ticket and a photo ID (Aadhaar, Voter ID, DL, or Passport; PAN is not accepted).

Ambience of IRCTC Railway Lounges

Platform 1 Lounge

  • Seating Area: 52 sofas with charging points, 5 without.
  • Dining Area: 30 chairs and 9 sofas.
  • Overall Feel: Spacious, well-decorated, and comfortable.

Platform 16 Lounge

  • Seating Area: Separate section with sofas, no food allowed.
  • Dining Area: Limited buffet spread.
  • Overall Feel: Functional but less luxurious compared to PF1.
IRCTC Railway Lounges

Buffet and Food Timings

Platform 1 Lounge

  • Food Variety: Extensive buffet with options like vinegar-dipped onions, tea/coffee, and cookies.
  • Food Timings:
    • Breakfast: 5 am to 11 am
    • Lunch: 12 pm to 4 pm
    • Evening Snacks: 4 pm to 7 pm
    • Dinner: 7 pm to 12 am

Platform 16 Lounge

  • Food Variety: Limited buffet spread, generally considered average.
  • Food Timings: Buffet filled upon guest arrival, complimentary beverages available.

Resting Suites and Shower Facilities

Platform 1 Lounge

  • Rest Suites: Available on an hourly payment basis.
    • Rest Suite 1: 6 Beds + 3 Recliners
    • Rest Suite 2: 3 Beds + 2 Recliners
    • Rest Suite 3: 9 Recliners only
  • Shower Facility: Available for a fee.

Platform 16 Lounge

  • Resting Suites: Not specified.
  • Shower Facility: Not specified.

Comparison Table of Platform 1 and Platform 16 Lounges

FeaturePlatform 1 LoungePlatform 16 Lounge
Managed byRMD Hotels & Resorts Pvt. LtdIRCTC
LocationFirst floor (1st PF from Paharganj)First PF from Ajmeri Gate
AmbienceSpacious, well-decoratedFunctional, less luxurious
Seating Area52 sofas with charging, 5 withoutSeparate section with sofas, no food
Dining Area30 chairs, 9 sofasLimited buffet spread
Food VarietyExtensive buffetLimited, average food
Resting Suites3 suites with beds and reclinersNot specified
Shower FacilityAvailable for a feeNot specified
Access Fee₹2 per card swipe₹341 for 2 hours
Pay & Use OptionHourly pay & use availableHourly pay & use available

General Tips for First-Timers

  • Plan: Check the lounge locations and choose based on your departure platform.
  • Eligible Cards: Carry an eligible credit card to avail of complimentary access.
  • Time Management: Arrive early to enjoy the lounge facilities, especially if using PF1.
  • ID Requirements: Ensure you have a valid photo ID and journey ticket for access.
  • Lower Expectations: Remember, railway lounges are not as luxurious as airport lounges, so manage your expectations accordingly.


Q: Can I access the lounge upon arrival at the station?

A: Yes, you can access the lounge upon arrival, but ensure you have an eligible credit card or pay the applicable fee.

Q: Are there any facilities for differently-abled individuals?

A: Yes, the PF16 lounge has a dedicated toilet for differently-abled individuals.

Q: What are the charges for the resting suites in the PF1 lounge?

A: The charges for resting suites in the PF1 lounge are on an hourly basis. Contact the lounge reception for specific rates.

Q: Can I book the lounge access online?

A: While online booking is not explicitly mentioned, access is primarily through eligible credit cards or by paying at the lounge.

Q: Are there any discount offers for lounge access?

A: Diners Club cardholders receive a 25% discount on access charges at both lounges.

Enjoy your time at the IRCTC Railway Lounges in New Delhi, and have a pleasant journey!


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